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The Police Credit Union



The Police Credit Union



Completion Year

San Francisco, California


When The Police Credit Union determined that its 2550 Irving Street branch no longer supported its needs, they were fortunate to find an ideal location for a new branch just a block up the street. The proximity to the former branch made the transition easy for both existing members and staff.


Location, Location, Location

There was no need for The Police credit union to “sell” itself in its new location; they were already well-established in the neighborhood. One advantage of being so close to the new site was credit union staff could be closely involved in the building process.

The Challenges

Every Detail Matters

In the process of building out a new branch, there are roughly a million details between permitting and occupancy. TruEdge understands the critical importance of getting each just right.

Supply Chain Pain

Supply chain issues that arose during the pandemic were a big challenge on this project. TruEdge investigated product lead times and secured early procurement of major components in order to meet specification and schedule requirements.

Built To Last

The vision for the new branch was a highly functional, efficient space that’s built to last. The HVAC system was selected based on a 30-year analysis of maintenance and utility costs. Quality finishes were selected for aesthetics and durability. Offerings that will continue to become more important, such as Investment Services, were incorporated into the space planning.

Designed around the member journey and experience, the new branch resonates with the established brand identity of The Police Credit Union. Taking cues from the recent headquarters project, the space includes specialty branding elements such as flooring that incorporates the “badge” iconography, a large-scale photographic installation and employee messaging in the break room.

Branch elements include an ATM vestibule and a walk-up ATM, two training/meeting rooms, two private offices, three wealth management stations, three teller stations, two work rooms, one safe room, one quiet room, an IT/telecom room, janitor’s closet and break room.

The Solution

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