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California and Nevada Credit Union League



California and Nevada Credit Union League



Completion Year

California and Nevada


While a lot of clients take a bigger-is-better approach to space, the California Nevada Credit Union League was happy to go against the grain. Their new, smaller space is not only more functional than their former, it’s also a more affordable long-term solution.


Design For Flexibility

A variety of spaces serve the needs of both onsite staff and remote employees who touch down periodically. A range of hoteling and flexible collaborative spaces support all of the ways the office is used.

The Challenges

Noise Reduction

Open work environments are not just for collaboration; they also need to offer privacy and places for focused work. To meet this challenge, TruEdge employed the latest in sound attenuation materials, including a special floating felt plank ceiling.

Open Ceiling Logistics

The main area of the office includes an open ceiling concept for a more spacious and modern feel. To accomplish this, TruEdge carefully planned the location and routing of the HVAC, low voltage wiring and other utilities.

Exceeding Expectations

Even before the pandemic, the CA/NV Credit Union League foresaw the trend toward flexible workspaces designed for a staff that no longer need to come to the office every day. They knew they could downsize smartly without sacrificing their high standard of performance.

The new headquarters exceeded the client’s expectations. The 4200sf space is more functional and efficient than the former space, and includes hoteling stations, a multi-purpose room that’s both private and open, a studio room, private offices and huddle rooms. The multipurpose room has a folding collapsible glass door system that can be shut, or left open to an adjoining hub/break room.

The Solution

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